White Panther

We are followed.

Nowadays, we are always followed.

This is lovely and makes us feel Monster wants to be included in the Family.

The problem, however, is that Monster (aka White Panther – his registered name at the vet) is not very well camouflaged.

And he can’t fail to be seen.

Dreki takes a huge interest.

While Flossie diverts. Monster beats a hasty retreat.

He considers his options.

We sit down to chat to anyone who wants to talk.

(It’s an orange thing, apparently)

Monster wants to be ignored so he can be part of the scenery.

After all, BeAnne just looks like a walking piece of the hill.  No one chases her.

Not anymore.  No, Dreki, they don’t.

But I guess they have all known BeAnne since they were foals.

Can you just see Monster to the right of Dreki – that white little head sticking out?

He tries so hard.  The young boys wouldn’t leave him alone so Monster went home muttering something about hateful Icelandic horses.

Feeling bad for Monster, we went home too and comforted him by going on a proper walk.  He shouted all the way.

More tomorrow…..

3 thoughts on “White Panther

  1. Linda

    I think everyone will get used to Monster eventually (and vice versa). However, maybe his “lack” of blending in will keep the hunting to a minimum, at least while he’s out on the fields?
    I do love seeing him following you around!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love that big white kitty…..to follow you everywhere. That’s pretty cool. Hope he and BeAnne are getting along now too. Such cute pictures of all your critters. Thanks Frances for making me smile!

  3. Nancy

    I would love to hear Monster shouting! Any chance you could video it?

    Dreki is looking so handsome these days! Growing up so fast…sniff, sniff!

    Lovely blog today. I loved all the photos!


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