I went to Lerwick and I bought…..

In our family during moments of endless boring waiting, like when we have an unexpected power-cut for an uncertain length of time and no one can be bothered to light the candles or bring out the stack of board games, we play “I went to Lerwick and I bought…..”.

Yesterday made me think of that game.

So here goes.

I went to Lerwick and I bought….. a dog

I went to Lerwick and I bought….. a dog, a sheep

I went to Lerwick and I bought….. a dog, a sheep, a cat

I went to Lerwick and I bought….. a dog, a sheep, a cat, a Flossie….

At the end of our track, Flossie put BeAnne on a lead because we were going on the road.

Lambie and Monster happily followed.

We were going along quite well as a group, albeit rather straggly, until we met two cyclists and that was the end of Monster.  He ran for home.

Lambie met some lambs and had a little chat, which was lovely to see.  Best of all they didn’t run away from him, or us.

Miles we walked.

Lambie kept lingering to investigate interesting thistles and then, when I called, he would canter to catch up.

On the last leg, Monster came back to greet us.

He was very keen to rejoin our strange little group.

And so we wended our way home like a scene from The Incredible Journey.

I think these three make a good team.

16 thoughts on “I went to Lerwick and I bought…..

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Oh, jeez – who would have thought (well, maybe you did) that these 3 would become a trio and actually go places together. I didn’t leave Flossie out, but she’s friends with everyone.

  2. carol

    I wait daily for your blog….its so wonderful with the animals…and your comments…please do keep it up..
    thank you….

  3. Linda

    I think they’re a great team together (and maybe BeAnn & Lambie can teach Monster not to be afraid of bicycles…)

  4. Dona

    I really love this blog! We were in Lerwick last year & want to return to see more of Shetland, but until then we can see it in these photos and stories. Darling animals!

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Amazing how quickly Monster has fitted in! These pictures really made me smile. Thank you.

  6. Jean

    Aaaw The Incredible Journey, one of my all time favourite films, the original version of course, even though I cant help crying at the end! Mind you Old Yeller was even more emotional!

  7. diane in northern wis

    Love your sweet story, Frances. it made me laugh and smile through the whole thing. How lucky you are to have such a lovely group to walk with. Blessings to you all.

  8. Louise Stopford

    You’ve got a great team all right – how wonderful to have such a lovely walk with your companions. Monster has settled in so well – the last photo is amazing.


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