What the Visitors Saw

One of my visitors from yesterday sent me their photos.

I think they say it all, really.

First there was home….

And then there was away.

Back at home again.


And out came the Cheese Puffs, that had been very kindly brought due to a previous Wool Weeker letting on about Lambie’s love for the above-mentioned snack.

It is a passion.


Nay, an addiction!

So if you visit, please bring Cheese Puffs or Lambie will hate you.

Photos kindly supplied by Dona Snow

7 thoughts on “What the Visitors Saw

  1. diane in northern wis

    Just love all your pictures today, Frances. You are all adorable! Those cheese puffs look good too! Thanks for the great blog!

  2. Carol Espinosa

    Oh the joy of Cheesy snacks! I think you should be careful about disposing of the packet, though: do not leave bags accessible to young children and sheep, wot might stick they heads in ’em and suffocate!

    (Is there a local clinic for sheep who cannot manage their cravings for chemically based orange-colored cheez powder?)

    So happy to see all the photos of you, your guests, and your beasts.

  3. Linda Loba

    Great photos – do the lambies end up with bright orange dust on their faces? 😉

    And for some reason, I’m always surprised by how small (and adorable) Newt is!

    BeAnn looks ready for her closeup…

  4. Terri

    It’s fun to see photos taken by others of Thordale and its inhabitants — a slightly different perspective. in particular, Newt looks so TINY, and Lambie ENORMOUS! (tummy full of yummy cheese puffs)


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