Name That Bird

Yesterday I went to Lerwick to be made “naturally blonde”.  I was early for my appointment at the hair salon so I wandered about the town for a while taking photos.


There were some sea birds who were mooching around the boats in the harbour.

I have no idea what or who they were so if anyone can tell me, from my pretty poor photos, then please do.  I would be genuinely interested to know.

If I had to describe the birds then they were grey and white and of an average size.

It was not a very nice day, weather-wise.  Intermittent vicious autumnal showers interpersed with a watery sun trying its hardest.

And once “naturally blonde”, I went home to be scrounged at.

I am getting ready to go south on Tuesday and stay with my mother for a week.

12 thoughts on “Name That Bird

  1. Terri

    The Monster-BeAnne photo should be framed! Hope someone can identify those pretty birds. Have a safe journey and nice visit with your mother!

  2. Cee Pluse

    Could the birds be black guillemots in winter plumage? Love that photo of Monster and BeAnne – I think they know you are about to go away. Such accusing (Monster) and disappointed (BeAnne) looks!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    That last picture is a hoot! Who’d ever thought they’d be friends. Good visit with Mom and travel safe. Great photo, even on a “blah” kind of day.

  4. Liz Shires

    I saw those birds when we were on holiday in Skye a couple of weeks ago! Spent ages watching them through the binoculars. I don’t know what they are …

  5. Sam

    Monster and BeAnne know you are headed south and do approve! Many treats are to be dispensed during your trip and many, many more to atone for this disappearance. Safe travels!


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