Showing My Shetland

It is Wool Week.

I know this because there are folk I don’t recognise driving and wandering around Shetland wearing a very similar hat, which apparently is the 2018 hat for Wool Week.  Different colours but same pattern.

My visitors were from America and also keen followers of this blog.  I duly showed them my Shetland and all that I hold special.

After the equine meets and greets, I took them to Jamieson’s of Shetland, our local Wool Mill. It is opposite the Minion field and a treasure trove of beautiful knitwear.

The place was packed with fellow Wool Weekers who had the same idea.

But we managed to look around appreciating (and purchasing, some of us) the lovely Fair Isle sweaters.

I love the “wall of wool”.

Then I offered my visitors lunch or a “wow view”.  They went for the view and we were  fortunate to see seals basking in the Autumn sunshine on the beach.

Next up was lunch and this is our view from the Walls Regatta Club who were putting on soup and sarnies for Wool Week visitors.

There were even local knitters around.

After a good and well-deserved lunch, I drove my visitors around the sunny westside showing them our beautiful Shetland scenery.

As ever, Shetland was spectacular.

I really enjoy showing folk about showing them my everyday life.  Lambie was on spiffingly good form.

6 thoughts on “Showing My Shetland

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Frances – is much of the knitting still done by hand or is a lot of it done on machines now? It’s beautiful, however it’s done. I love the patterns but I especially liked that lovely, pink, cable knit jumper! I don’t think I could have resisted it if I’d been one of your visitors!

  2. darby callahan

    I love fair isle sweaters and the colors of the ones in Shetland are so much prettier than any I have seen here in the US.

  3. Carol Espinosa

    Lovely! I’m so glad some Ravelry friends got to have such a splendid day out with you. They are very lucky — you are the best hostess and guide. What a day! I hope I’ll be there next year…


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