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We are all wearing much of the stable bedding these days.  It can’t be helped.

Last night Haakon had a bad episode with the frog supports so we immediately removed them and learned our lesson.  However, I think it took its toll on Haakon and I can only say I am learning and fast.

Using a haynet to keep his food at a good height (a good tip from a friend) has made a difference today.  He doesn’t have to bend down, which was difficult for him.  I should’ve known.  As I say, I am learning.

In other worlds, Hjalti is coming along very well.

We don’t work every day with him but today Daisy decided to fly solo.

Hjalti is a clever horse.  He quickly understood what was required and walked on both reins happily around the school.  What a good boy and clever Daisy.

Also Minion World is fine.

This afternoon, I spent a little time sat on a rock having my pockets picked.  Eventually I moved them up the hill, turned to go home, only to find I was being followed by a little urchin.

I think Newt just wanted to live in my pocket.

He did get a little stroppy when I said “no, go home and join your friends”.  Some ponies will not be told.

That’s his fierce face – *** sigh *** – I expect my name is now in capital letters in his Book of Revenge, though he did run off with my glove giggling to himself while I ran after him shouting “drop it, drop it”, like he was a dog or even going to do as he was told.

I need my Minions. They are my sanity at the moment.


12 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. louise

    rather than frog supports just pack his feet with shavings and yes you may get thrush but it provides support

  2. Sam

    When our critters won’t tell us what the problem is, we end up guessing. Sometimes we get it right and other times, not so much. Haakon is much loved, that is plain to see. Now Newt…he clearly feels he must reign supreme with Muzzah at all times. That book of his must be in the 5th or 7th volume by now. Good luck getting your glove back from the cheeky boy.

  3. Michelle

    My husband uses the hard pink ‘styrofoam’ (I think it is rigid insulation) cut to size for his patients that need sole support. Don’t know if that is accessible to you, though.

  4. Linds K

    Nice close up photo of Haakon at his haynet, looking very bright. I’m sure you’ll find the best solution for his poor feet.

    What a sweetie Newt is, how could anyone resist that little face? He’s so tiny, If I ever visit, I’d be tempted to tuck him under one arm and make off with him. (how much do you think he weighs?)

    Great progress for Hjalti in such a short space of time, taking it all in his stride. Well done Daisy.

  5. Carol Espinosa

    Frances, please let us know how we can support the cost of Haakon’s care. We want to help him recover and that takes resources. Let us help in one of the easiest ways, to reduce the financial burden while you are so worried.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. That is incredibly kind of you and I do appreciate it. At this point in time, I would not say no to any help. xx

  6. Terri

    So many critters with varying degrees of need, but all so utterly lovable! Keep on keepin’ on….Team Daisy/Hjalti is doing very well!

  7. Sherry Walter

    I stood my mare in buckets of ice a couple of times a day as well as taping the rigid foam insulation to the bottom of her hooves. I don’t know if it helped speed her recovery but it seemed to make her more comfortable.

  8. Louise Stopford

    Do hope your poor boy Haakon feels better soon. He is being very well cared for and in the best place , at home with his family to help him. Daisy has done so well with Hjalti in what seems to be such a short space of time. He is going to make a lovely riding horse. I bet you are so proud of them both. The Minions look great and they must be a real pick me up. Again, sending healing vibes to your wonderful old boy.

  9. Linda Loba

    I see you and Haakon learning together; he trusts you (no doubt about that) and you’re doing the very best you can with something new to the both of you.

    I’m so glad you have the rest of “the gang” for comfort…


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