Welcome to my mad world!

You know how some folk have this poster or a mug in their place of work?  I think I need one.


Today is a dark grey day, with intermittent rain and wind.


I am still riding daily to exercise my back.  Daisy has gone back to St Andrew’s so Iacs is not being ridden.  I really do not think I now have the strength to do this for her so Jeanette kindly volunteered. She lost her horse a few months back and is missing riding so this could be a match made in heaven. Jeanette wanted to potter around the school (bad back too) this morning and BeAnne was very insistent that she had her go too.I don’t think Jeanette quite believed me when I said that BeAnne would stay up there for the whole ride (except if she trots).


BeAnne has three riding styles, two more successful than the other.  The first is the forward approach, so you can turn around and talk to her, or tickle her chin.


The second is looking backwards, which she tends to favour as it is more secure and she can lean into the curve of your spine too.


And then there is the standing up and wobbling, which is just plain hopeless and usually the precursor for her jumping gracefully off.


Please watch the video and you will see BeAnne’s bottom bounce (it makes me smile every time)!


So, again, welcome to my mad world!

1 thought on “Welcome to my mad world!

  1. Linda

    Hi, someone sent me your link probably because I love all things Scottish, horses and wild and I am an animal healer. I travel to Scotland rather often and feel very at home there and am looking to connect with like minded people.Thank you for sharing your photography. Made me smile too.


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