Millhouse Vitamin

So, now it is Vitamin (or Minnie’s) turn. Splendid Wells breedlines combined with a very generous and kind personality.


She is the lovely mother of our stud Stallion, Millhouse Independant


(or IndyPingPong to his fan club).


Vitamin has had rather a tough time these past few years.  When we first met her, we recognised her as being Indy’s mum.  She then sadly lost her foal though we were never sure of the circumstances. (She is heavily pregnant in this photo.)


Thinking the death of her foal was just “one of those things”, we ran her with Zain of Berry and she had another foal.  Dead again and Vitamin died a little bit inside too.  It was truly awful and we found no reason for the 2nd death.


The next year she didn’t take and last year, she was in foal again (by Zain).  We watched her 24/7 for a whole month.  I did the night duty and Jo did the days.  There was no way she was going to have a foal without us and we would do everything in our power to keep it alive.  Folk kept saying “Oh, she will have it when your backs are turned” but we never did and her beautiful Lyra was born alive.


Vitamin spent last summer with her own little girl bebbie to love.  Her whole life changed and she was happy and alive again.Lyra is, of course, utterly delicious, funny and a huge character.


Obviously, we adore her and she adores Daisy, my eldest daughter.So that is Vitamin.  We won’t be running her with a stallion again.  She has her Lyra (now weaned but still loved) and that is all she wants.


Although, not a worker, she has been lightly backed.


She and Fivla are the best of friends (Fivla was in her field while she was recovering from the death of her foal) and given her lovely personality, she seemed the obvious choice for the photoshoot.   She never put a hoof wrong and had exemplary manners, just following Fivvie around.

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