Weird Cat

Daisy was asking for more Monster content so here goes.

These photos are all from today.

I had just walked up the hill from mending the electric fence on the track in two places, having this morning found four escapees stuffing their fat little faces (that would be Newt, Tiddles, Storm and Albie – surprisingly, Waffle and Silver didn’t bother).  Anyway the fence is all shored up and the energiser is now happily zapping away and I will admit there absolutely nothing more satisfying than watching a wicked Shetland pony testing to see if it’s on!  Oh, it’s on. It’s Junior rodeo on! And off they sniggered not even trying to look ashamed.

Anyway, back with Monster and his inherent weirdness, one job I wanted to do was to vacuum my shed which needed doing badly.  Obviously he came too, walking along the path with great care.

And helpfully sat on the table so I phoned Daisy and we had a conversation.

And she got to see and possibly talk to her cat too.

While we were chatting, I noticed Pepper was by the door and so were Huey and Dewey.

It felt like a version of the Fox-Chicken-Grain puzzle only I had substituted with dog-duck-cat instead.

This is not quite normal, is it?

There were flute duets later and we were, again, accompanied.  It’s been an interesting day.

3 thoughts on “Weird Cat

  1. diane in northern wis

    What an awesome place you have Frances. All your critters want to come into your shed with you. And a lot of them do come in! I love seeing the pictures! And wow….what a beautiful blue sky!


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