Pinky and the Brain

Kolka came rushing down the field in the hope that I had something (this time, I didn’t as I had only come to check the water).

She really is a very pretty horse.

And she has piercing eyes (by now, I was beginning to feel slightly guilty about the lack of carrot situation).

And then “Pinky and the Brain” arrived.

I will let you decide who is who.

Hint – The Brain is highly intelligent, self-centered and scheming, while Pinky is good-natured but feeble-minded! 

Another hint:  Haakon has always wanted to Rule the World and Iacs name spells I-Am-Completely-Stupid!

And they are so rude to Kolka.

So I shouted at them and said “be nice” in a firm tone.

And that obviously had no effect at all.

Despite this, they are all very good friends except for when they aren’t.



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