Weird Behaviour!

I am not sure what is going on but everyone is behaving very oddly.

The horses are very strange (bucking and spooking about nothing) and the sheep are at war.  Harrel and Maggie are picking on poor, poor Edna to the point that yesterday I separated them all, leaving Edna and ‘Bert in the small field for the day.  Edna was very distressed so I gave her a nice big bowl of Rowen Barbary mash, which she adores, happily scoffing the lot.  Comfort food, really.

This morning, OH let them all out and said everyone was just as bad again, so I popped Edna back into her little field and she proceeded to shout and get very distressed.  What to do?  These two were patrolling with menace.

A deep breath and thinking that at least Edna was full of good strong food, I let her out to get on with the battle.  I kept an eye and saw her resting with Madge nearby.  The field is large.

To town for various stuff, coming back to find everyone sort of ok.

Not brilliant but ok. I have no idea what is going on but if Edna is not distressed then I won’t be.

The others are supportive in a sort of don’t-involve-us way.

Something is not right but I am not sure what it is.

Edna is eating, she has a good appetite, she is not (from what I can see) ill or anything.

But Harrel and Maggie are not being kind to her and accompanying her about like nightclub bouncers with added hassling.


Meanwhile, Pepper was with me while I was taking these photos and Dreki was taking a huge interest. Then out of nowhere, he tried to stamp on her.  We had words.  Honestly, everyone is mad at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Weird Behaviour!

  1. Sam

    Has another sheep or critter gotten into fields and thus disturbing the locals? Or have you a ghostie floating about making trouble? When my 3 sisters and I got into a dust-up our “Evil Twin, Skippy” was promptly blamed for the ruckus.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Spring grass affecting hormones? Certainly hearing lots of reports of horses behaving oddly at present.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Good grief what a strange day you had. What can be going on with your sheep, that all of a sudden they’re after Edna??? I hope you can find out what’s happening and put a stop to it. When you have so many animals….I would guess there’s always someone that will give you a stomach ache. Sorry to hear about this….may things get much better soon.


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