Primroses and my Great Galoot

The wild primroses have come out now, although there is still a cold wind – so obviously lambing season is upon us (not us, though. We took precuations in the form of a strategically placed in height electric perimeter fence so the hill ram would not be able to reach my ladies, despite their best efforts – tarts!)

My primroses line each side of the bank of the stream that runs through most of our fields.

I love them.  When they arrive, I know Spring can’t go into reverse.  The nights are getting lighter and the days longer.

And while I was trying hard not to fall into the stream taking these photos, a great big galoot crept up behind me.

Dreki Dragon.

So I took lots of photos of him instead and we had a lovely time breathing on each other. He, from a very great height.

I just shut my eyes and inhaled.

Luffley.  Just luffley.


4 thoughts on “Primroses and my Great Galoot

  1. Sam

    I love your yellow primroses. Ours have a yellow center and deep red petals. But what a mighty handsome Dragon you spied.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    A stunning display of primroses! Do you get cowslips as well? Dreki clearly thought your focus should be solely on him!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Beautiful flowers for sure! Isn’t that Dreki a handsome horse! Have you heard anything about Lilja and Soley since they traveled to a new home? Any news on the boys that went to Daisy? Just checking!


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