Calmed Down

And then suddenly we are all back to normal. I have no idea what got into Maggie and Harrel but, there you go.  Maybe aliens visited and have left now.  Honestly, sheep. What is the point?  Someone remind me.

Anywho, here is Edna having her third (yes, she has three) breakfast.   Floss is our Head Chef.  I am on haynets.

I love Edna’s thank-you face (I think she came up for air, to be perfectly honest but we take what we can get!)

Pepper is in season and going outside without an armed guard is not something we are permitting.  A few nights’ back, I found the little sod-bag leaving the homestead at 4 a.m. (I woke to hear the catflap) and, instead of being angry, I adopted my grandmother’s favoured method of correction, I was disappointed. It nearly killed Pepper.  She couldn’t charm her way out of this and there has been a visible improvement in her behaviour since. Come Monday, I am booking her in to be spayed.

Ted is doing his best to ignore his terrible girlfriend.  He is the best behaved dog in this house.

4 thoughts on “Calmed Down

  1. Kathleen Woolley

    Dearest Ted, your Mum promised him a good life and you carried on that promise. She would be so proud of you both. God bless ❤️

  2. Sam

    Sorry about Pepper being sassy and sneaking out. As for Edna, some older ladies need to re-coup meals lost in the past. Little Miss Maine Coon has 2 breakfasts and dinners. First include meds, 2nd is to clean up the can.


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