Weather Complaints

The weather has disintegrated again. We are now in the middle of a five day gale. No one is particularly thrilled (I took this photo just before it all started).

Dad and son.

I haven’t put on rugs because it is actually very warm, despite the constant Force 8 gusting 10.

This morning, we brought the Old Men and Ladies in. I don’t like seeing their hay blowing everywhere so we gave them the morning off.  No one complained.  Haakon was happy to eat his breakfast on his own while we were busy filling haynets for everyone.

This time of year the sheep always get two haynets hung in their shed.

They love them and I often find Harrel-the-Barrel just snacking by himself.  He would take himself off to bed for most of the day if he could.

Lambie likes to follow me around begging for the horse treats that he is particularly fond of at the moment.

But while the weather is vile, we have had some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The typical “red sky in the morning” today and the shepherds were correct. It has been horrible.

I don’t mind the wind particularly, it is the rain that drags everyone down.

4 thoughts on “Weather Complaints

  1. Simone

    Spring is coming, Frances – the curlews are on their way! I saw a whole flock of them today, obviously taking a break on their flight home from Africa. I have never seen curlews in Switzerland before, it was absolutely magical hearing their cries again. Made me think of you and Shetland! <3


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