Little Miss Pepper rules her world.  She is very much a Daddy’s girl and OH is obviously completely smitten, forgives her everything (including going through the compost heap and bringing 3 banana skins through the catflap into the house).  They are a couple.

At night Pepper sleeps between us, favouring me with her feet side while OH has her smooth back.  Lucky me! Twitch, twitch, twitch all night long with claws.

And the family group.  Yes, dogs are allowed on our sofas but only if they’re earned it. One hint of being nasty to Monster and dogs are relegated back to the dog beds.  Tis the Law.

World domination is hard work and breakfast time is particularly taxing.

This is Pepper’s preferred spot while Flossie eats her breakfast.

And, when I took this photo, I did not realise just how shocking it is!  I am shocked.  Yes I am.  I am wearing my shocked face.

In Floss’ head, she thought this was all that was happening. Au contraire.

Marmite on toast is obviously food of the Gods and Rules of the World.

Now, what’s that song? “Every breathe you take, every bite you make…. I’ll be watching you!” (I paraphrase and misquote completely).

Still shocked.

9 thoughts on “Shocked!

  1. Linda Loba

    Love the “family” photos – and it looks as if Pepper is (at least) gentle with her begging…good girl!

  2. Sam

    First photo tells the whole love story of Pepper and OH. Happy is the person with a dog or cat neck warmer. Not so happy is person being gouged by the tiny bed mouse. As for the Breakfast Vulture series – too funny! Seeing Ted’s tongue pop out in anticipation while the Vulture leans ever so far over in the vain hope of snagging a yummy bite, or three. Been awhile since I have had a Food Vulture – Little Miss Maine Coon will only eat sour cream or yogurt from my plate.

  3. Sherry Walter

    I have a terrier mix who can just get his nose above the edge of the table if he stretches really hard. There he’s able to lick any crumbs by licking sideways! He has a really long tongue and has the grace to look guilty if I catch him at it!

  4. diane in northern wis

    I can’t guess what marmite tastes like….but the dogs sure are interested! Watch out Floss!
    How is Monster handling your other half with the dog on his shoulder?

  5. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Does look like Teddy knows that dogs beg from the floor 😉
    How is Monster doing since Pepper has usurped his OH person?
    I know you are not supposed to have favorites but I want Monster to have a happy, calm home 😉
    sending all the best.


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