Weather Bad

The weather is deteriorating today ready for full scale war overnight and tomorrow – rain and a serious storm are forecast.

But it is warm – double figures so no rugs.

“Yes, Haakon, no rug because you know what happens when you wear one. You just stop moving and that is never good for you.”

Meanwhile the sheep have all hunkered down.

They all know where they want to be.

And Madge is not stupid.  She has all she needs.

In the house, the fire is lit, I have a nice large cup of tea and I think I will update the Thordale website and the Cast List to this blog as it is very out-of-date.

Wish us luck for tomorrow. It’s not looking nice – gusting 75 mph winds.

9 thoughts on “Weather Bad

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    thank you for thinking of a website update. Like I wrote I still have trouble knowing who is who. Think I have the minions IDed,
    Sheeples not so much ( OK with Bert, Ster and Lambie and of course Harry) The girls are more of a challenge.
    Went to the website and now have the stallion, geldings and mares IDed. I didn’t find Haakon on the website???
    still a bit lost with Bra and Hetja and Hjalti ???

    Thanks I need to keep your equine and ovine “children” straight.

    1. Frances Post author

      Website – I am thinking of losing it. It is not relevant anymore. Haakon and Iacs and Klaengur are not really part of the “selling” team.

      Cast list – must update next –
      Bra and Hetja and Hjalti have all gone to new homes.

      I am on it but have to go and cook supper!

  2. Sam

    I’m with Madge. Hunker down with snacks. Here in New England, we have a Nor’Easter coming with 50mph winds and (in my area) 8-18″ of powdery snow all day tomorrow. (I missed when the Ladies went to new homes.) So Little Miss Maine Coon, sister and I shall spend tomorrow cutting out costumes for “Into the Woods”, reading a good book and watching a bad movie. Stay safe!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I thought of you when I was watching the weather forecast earlier. I hope all humans and animals stay safe and that all your buildings are still standing by the end of tomorrow!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear….do take care in the storm…..that sounds like an awful wind! Hope everybody stays safe!


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