One of Those Days

Today was one of those days – the if it could wrong, it would go wrong day. So it did.

The horsevan wouldn’t start. It very convincingly died.

I will admit I shouted at those who didn’t need shouting at (but fer cryin’ out loud, Edna, please stop ramming the front door after your biccy ration in the hope you will get more).

In a furious temper, leaving the van which had now immobilised itself, in the capable hands of my OH, I drove over to check the Minions. They did their best to cheer me up and tried so hard. There were moments when I forgot my van problems.

On my way out having resigned myself to driving to Lerwick in the car and putting 6 bales of hay in it (resulting in a huge mess), I phoned OH to say please put the spare battery on charge and we could have another shot at de-immobilising the van, when he said it was now running.  Feeling a bit more cheered but nervous, I went home, collected the van and drove to Lerwick to collect hay.

I didn’t turn the engine off all day!  I just didn’t dare.  The van goes to the garage (if we can start it) on Monday.

Once home, I said my sorries.  I doubt I will ever be forgiven though.

4 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Sam

    Some days are indeed like this. At this point, I’d go back to bed and hide.
    Having elderly cars, I know the fear of not turning off the engine before getting back home. But I did have a chuckle over your rant at Edna – has she damaged the front door? Minion Noseys are calming and Pepper looks like she has Major Mischief a brewing.

  2. Linda

    Sorry for your troubles (cars can be such a pain when they refuse to cooperate).
    Of course you’ll be forgiven – cuddles and treats always win the day!

  3. diane in northern wis

    So glad that you got the van going….even if you had to keep it running all day. You got your hay chores done and that was good. Love that Pepper pic at the end.


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