We walk

For as long as I have had Haakon (15 years ?), he has always done a drumroll, in excitement and anticipation, to canter up the “canter track”.  He mostly asks with his right ear back, I say “go on then” and off we go at full pelt.  If someone is in front, Haakon will try his best to gallop past.  I have never tried to stop him and we love every minute of it.


The views at the top are wonderful.  The south end of the island and Fair Isle, on a clear day ….


with Foula on the right.


A breathtaking view and we all enjoy going up the canter track.


So, today, having swallowed muchos Tramadol, I thought we could go for a wander – our usual route on buckle end and see what happens.


BeAnne came along too in her hi-viz harness.


She loves it too and runs along side with one ear listening to me and the other for the pesky wabbits.


We got to the canter track and Haakon turned to go up it…


and just walked.  He has never walked it before in his life.  He didn’t even ask or increase his speed during any part of the whole ride.  


That says it all really.

4 thoughts on “We walk

  1. Liz

    Oh yes, he knows you can’t manage it and is taking very good care of his ‘Mum’.You are fortunate to have a boy like Haakon.


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