Equine Dentist Visit

The equine dentist visited this morning to look at a selection of horses and ponies that we felt needed treatment.  A nice efficient bloke who knew his stuff – I can thoroughly recommend him.  Stuart Huggan (01750 32234 or 0788 308 1759) from EquiDental International.  Travels anywhere and I was impressed.

Janette and Alan brought over Vitamin for me, as well as Admiral, their small but feisty Shetland pony.

First up was Admiral, who was having none of it.  So a vet was phoned to come over with some sedation and Admiral was left to think about his behaviour.


Vitamin (Indy’s mum and supermodel) was next.  We knew she had a large hook and this was the main reason we wanted the dentist over.  Stuart confirmed that she had in fact two large hooks and he dealt with them accordingly.  She was a good girl.  Poor man is used to race horses so crouching down to grapple with a Shetland pony’s mouth was not an easy job.


After Vitamin, it was Iacs’s turn.  He has been head-shaking for a few months, even to the point of falling over while he shook his head (he is not a multi-tasker).  Stuart confirmed that he had some sharp and long bits and the work was easily done because Iacs is a gentleman about everything (except carts, do not mention carts!)


Wanting to lull Stuart into a false sense of security, I caught and brought in Klaengur who has never, to my knowledge, seen a dentist so I thought it would be a good idea for him to be checked over.  A totally new experience for him, Klaengur took it all in his stride.  There was some remedial work to do and it should make his ridden life more comfortable.


And then, as the vet had not arrived, I had no option but to get Haakon in.  Now Haakon is a complete berk when it comes to the dentist.  I did warn Stuart – I thought it only fair.  Haakon rears and he duly did.

But Stuart persevered.  He instantly understood Haakon and pre-empted his reactions until Haakon actually stopped and behaved.  I was amazed and stood on the side-lines giving Haakon words of encouragement.  This is a first.  There are dentists out there who still talk about Haakon and his vile behaviour.

And then the vet arrived and we all stood around while Admiral was sedated.  The dental work was done quickly with minimum fuss.

Having been a pig about it previously, sedation was obviously the only answer.  We left Admiral to come round quietly at his own speed.


Taktur next.  Another first-time check-up as he is young and will be put up for his stallion licence soon.  Everything was fine and in the right place.  

And last, but not least, IndyPingPong who had a horrid sharp bit that had rubbed into his cheek.  I hate that and think it must’ve been painful for him.  Anyway it was all filed down and should heal in a week or so.

Sustenance was provided by my OH who did sterling work in the catering department.


BeAnne never stopped begging, which was just plain embarrassing.

I hope Stuart thought our horses were well-behaved with impeccable manners and not that we are Mad-Animal-Family!


Fiona was invaluable.  She hung on tight and took no prisoners.  I could not’ve done today without her.  Janette and Alan taking responsibility for Vitamin made life much easier too.  

And so to bed to recover.


5 thoughts on “Equine Dentist Visit

  1. Michelle

    Here in the US, equine dentists must be veterinarians to practice legally (some still fly under the radar) for this reason, so they can administer sedation or any other meds necessary. My husband is an equine vet and an excellent dentist; at 6’5″ tall he can keep working even when a horse lifts his head to evade the work, and therefore doesn’t tend to need or use as much sedation as some. But with your short equines, his height would NOT be an advantage!


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