Yesterday we looked like this.

Today we look like this.

Anyway, I am at war with the hooded crows (or hoodies or “craa”) who are raiding the sheds for eggs.  There are four of them and they are working as a gang.

I am finding empty shells outside and nests raided which is infuriating.  So far, they have stripped out three nests and are now, on a daily basis, taking a duck egg from a nesting duck. They even take plastic eggs for crying out loud!

So it is war. OH put up this as a deterrant but to be honest, I am not hopeful.

It is a tough one for me. I love corvids (remember the carrion crow I rescued when south) and I do think we should live peacefully with nature but I draw the line at feeding cheeky crows our precious eggs. I am not sure where the line is drawn.  Everyone shares sheds with everyone else.  This is the Boyzenberry shed so they must be able to go in and out.

A few years back I was wandering around and found this crow nest in a gable end of an old building in my field, Clothie.

I thought “how lovely” until I walked closer and saw what they had built their nest out of…..

Gruesome little buggers!

So the war has begun and, in the kindest possibly way, I want to give my poultry their usual freedom while curtailing the crows’ egg diet.

It’s not easy.

8 thoughts on “War

  1. Sam

    There is sharing among your chosen critters, Ducks and Sheeple vs. out right thievery. Sorry but them crows are stealing not just eggs but all the feed and care you give the hens and ducks. Game on!

    1. Frances Post author

      I dont think so but great idea! Might leave an egg full of mustard and chilli for them to steal!

  2. Marlane

    Those look like baby ravens or crows in the nest ? We had a pet raven once and she was incredibly clever. We also had hens and eggs stolen by roving ravens…. did we leave 2 eggs out for them to stop the stealing it was a long time ago..

  3. Shelley

    How is your Mum doing during the pandemic Frances? It occured to me this morning that you haven’t been to see her in a while ( I love her garden) and then I realized why. I hope she has relatives/friends who are helping her out. I imagine you worry some.

    1. Frances Post author

      She is doing very well, thank you. I do want to travel to see her but for obvious reasons plus BeAnne’s day-to-day existence, just can’t. She understands.


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