A Few Selfies

Floss and I were sat in the Minion field this morning and of course were dutifully mugged with those that wanted hugs.

I was taking a few snaps with my phone when I managed to press the wrong button and suddenly found I was taking photos of myself, well Albie really attacking me from behind.

(I had words with Albie about those teeth).  Wicked boy.

So then I thought why not – I never take photos of myself and I quickly saw that the hatband had to go.

And here you are, this is me, once hatband off. A very rare photo.

Silver wanted in on the selfies too.

It was not an easy task, I can tell you.

But there were rewards (note-to-self – must keep finger out of lens).

And some look nicer than others.  Little Albernon was being very “loving”.

So there you go – some exceedingly rare photos indeed.  Enjoy x

13 thoughts on “A Few Selfies

  1. Linda Kirk

    Thanks for these lovely photos. I like the colour of your hair! I always thought Albie was a cutie but look how handsome he is now, as if he’s sort of grown into himself, if that makes sense, and I love how Silver is now seeking out some tlc.

  2. Amy

    You are beautiful! And I love the animated looks of love (and consternation) as you get kissed and nibbled on. When we met last fell, you were wearing heavy hat and jacket. Well, we all were! So, it’s delightful to see your smiling face unencumbered.

  3. Andrea Doolan

    These are gorgeous photos! You can see the love between you & your little boys. Just beautiful!


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