Went ‘Sploring

On my way home from the shops, I went for a little exploration to a place I haven’t been for possibly 20 years.

I visited Sand beach tucked out of the way in Sand Voe.

Sand beach is well named – it stretched out invitingly and I also clocked that the track to the beach had been made much better.  The last time I was here, all those years back, it was rather a climb to get down to the beach. This time a horse could easily walk down…… you get what I am thinking now, don’t you!  It’s not that far, an easy drive and I think two old men would love it and possibly two ginger ninjas if they can stop long enough to stop spooking!

So that’s my plan anyway.

After I had had a good inspection of the beach and its access, I wandered a little way along to a small chapel ruins.  This was St Mary’s Chapel and it’s churchyard.

From Canmore – “All that remains is the semi-circular chancel arch which finishes in a gable and may be of late 16th century date. It is of rubble and mortar and is about 2′ 10″ thick. The lengths of the nave and chancel are unobtainable, but the nave has been 12′ wide. According to Hibbert (S Hibbert 1822) the chapel was built by Spaniards shipwrecked in Shetland (? from the Armada) but Muir (T S Muir 1885) believed it to be some hundreds of years older than the late 16th century.”

I had a little wander around.

This grave particularly grabbed my attention.  I’m not sure I want to be there at night.

So I know what I want to do.  I’ve just got to tell Haakon my latest plan of action. I am sure he would love it.

5 thoughts on “Went ‘Sploring

  1. Marlane

    The best pictures yet, and the sunny weather helps . A beach ride would be splendid !!! My blog (diary6California) has pictures and videos of a totally different sort of landscape in So Cal.

  2. Christine

    How wonderful to have such places near you. A beach. A ruin. An old graveyard. No people. Can you hear me sighing with envy 🙂


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