Vitamin Arrives

Cunning Plan No 435696(j)(iv) – to integrate Vitamin with the entire Minion Tribe.

To achieve this, I firstly left Vitamin with Fivla babysitting Lilja while the Minions all met up and made friends with Newt and Albie.  Last winter Vitamin had bullied these two little boys unmercilessly so they had to be removed and live at Thordale instead of being Minions which was not what I had planned.

Newt and Albie are very much Minions now.

Now it was Vitamin entering their territory and, apart from immediately thumping Storm (who definitely would’ve had it coming), she had to be nice.

Or the Minions would all gang up against her.

My theory worked!

Vitamin wanted to be accepted.

She wanted her little kingdom back even if it included Albie and Newt because now they were fully fledged Minions.

Albie sweetly came running over while I was taking photographs to have a hug.  He was not stressed seeing Vitamin but he does like reassurance from us.

To be fair, the Minions were pleased to see Vitamin back with them.

After all they had spent the winter with her.

Albeit minus Albie and Newt.

Anyway, I think this time they are all going to be fine.  So a big phew!

Meanwhile, Lilja boxed like a pro and I took her and Fivla over to another field nearby but not near enough for her to see or smell her mother.

So it is all change for the forthcoming summer months.

4 thoughts on “Vitamin Arrives

  1. Linda

    Well done – clever plan!
    So now that Newt & Albie have backup, Vitamin is behaving herself, and wants to be part of the Tribe. Being the gentlemen that they are, the Tribe looks to be accepting her, in spite of her earlier “questionable behavior.” Lucky girl…

  2. Carol E

    Cunning meets success, yay! Will Fivla miss Vitamin?

    What a little fuzz bomb Newt is. That isn’t his goal cost, is it? It seems he’s been around longer than that.


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