Visualise The Win

It was a pretty tortuous journey home yesterday. I started my journey at Paddington catching the Heathrow Express and that was the only easy part.

Saying goodbye to London was sad. I had had a lovely holiday with my family and friends.  Really special.

All day, I was checking the flight from Edinburgh to Shetland which I reckoned would be the one to be cancelled.  I also had a spare set of keys for my sister’s house in London in case I didn’t even leave Heathrow. Be prepared was my mot du jour.

Heathrow was fun. I was body searched by two stroppy mares in uniform, while I argued for my belongings that had gone through the scanner to be put into a safe area.

The flight took off on time and landed bumpily at Edinburgh but I had reached my “half-way” point.  On the plus side, I sat next to a very nice lady who kept saying to me, when I told her my worried tale of travel woe “Visualise the Win and it will happen”.  So I tried my hardest but then the fun started.

The Shetland flight was delayed a bit – fair enough, I thought. The weather was vile.

As the afternoon progressed, flights were being cancelled and our’s was delayed a bit more and more and more….. so I made plans to stay in Floss’ flat (she was home looking after the animals) in Edinburgh.  Add a migraine too and I was feeling very dodgy.  Anyway, our flight was called we eventually took off around 19.30, I think.

This morning, has been lovely and quiet – the wind has dropped right down.

Lambie pretended he didn’t know me.

And Monster has made himself a new bed on OH’s soft guitar case.  He’ll be pleased when he finds it.  I am saying nothing.

So, that’s me. I visualised the win.

3 thoughts on “Visualise The Win

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Pleased you made it home and that the weather has been kind for your first day back to the daily round of feeding, checking and more feeding!

  2. Judith

    I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. By the way, The Cousins were on a different wall last year when I visited them; it seems to have been their idea to live next to those bathing young men. Just saying …


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