Silly Little Minions

I can see the Minions in their field from Thordale – they are currently living in a five acre croft across the hill.  During the day, I do a head-count fairly regularly so I know they are all ok.  The wee blob on the far left is Newt.

As they were crossing the field, having spotted me watching, they were in a silly-billy mood so I walked over the scattald (grazing for hill sheep) with Pepper and climbed up the hill to watch the boys playing.

Their eyes were on me.

But silliness was stronger than trying to talk to me.

And I stood behind the wall watching them annoy each other and bounce around like ants on a hot pan (a Chinese phrase, apparently).

The sun was setting and the Minions had finished annoying each other so Pepper and I went home again.

Watching the Minions play makes me hopeful that I made the right choice putting them there.  Yes, they are a little fatter but the weather is only going to get colder and very likely worse so the natural workings of their own internal combustion engines and thick coats will kick in to keep them warm and happy (and I don’t have to lug hay).

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