Visitors Today

We had some visitors today who came to collect all BeAnne’s food. I hated seeing it sitting there, waiting, and it was better that it now went to another dog who would enjoy it.  I don’t know when, or even if, we will get another dog. Too soon.

So our visitors (Kacey and her Mum and Dad) arrived and I obviously introduced them to everyone…..

First up was Harrel the Barrel who was very keen!

The boys looked on.

Sweetly, Sóley was first up.

Slight nerves…..

And then a beaming smile!  (I love this)

And Kacey’s Mum took this photo.

Then onwards to meet the Minions who were all in a very silly mood so, for safety’s sake, I took just Fivla out as she is the only Shetland pony I trust when they are like this.  A bit of brushing, lots of hugs and then off for a little walk.  Fivla knows her job and there was more beaming.

So a lovely day meeting new people. Always good.

4 thoughts on “Visitors Today

  1. Judith Garbutt

    We need a ‘Like’ button for the days when we love your photographs and words but don’t have any significant comments to make! I bet that little girl is now desperate for a pony of her own!

  2. darby callahan

    As an old horse loving adult who was once upon a time a horse loving little girl, I venture to say that you have created a treasured, lifelong memory.

  3. Jayne

    Well done for the ‘food thing’, it’s hard – terribly hard.

    When my darling girl died I had just stocked up (I buy in bulk) and had an entire kitchen cupboard full. I took it to the rescue centre she originally came from and they were delighted but it was a ghastly excursion for me.


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