A few Black and Whites

This is who greeted Flossie and me in the morning – the three horses – well, that would be the one gelding and two mares – of the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse being on its way if they didn’t get their buckets IMMEDIATELY!  So, no pressure then.

(Sadly, I had set my new camera to wtf-settings so the rest of the photos were crud – live and learn is the mot du jour today. Note-to-self, I must, I must watch Chapter IV but I have to have my head screwed on with my brain in gear and at the moment, that seems an impossible task).

Anywho, these are from yesterday when I was sitting with the sheeple telling them they were still beautiful even without their wool.

Taktur arrived….

But in a very handsome way, though.

He’s looking good now for the time of year.

Still, he’s always pretty against the skyline!


3 thoughts on “A few Black and Whites

  1. Sam

    Fear the Wrath if the Buckets be late!
    Taktur is a grand looking gent no matter the setting.
    Good luck with the new technology on the camera.

  2. annie vanderven

    Black and white photos are always the best they can convey mood s better than colored ones in my opinion

  3. Nancy

    Taktur looks too regal — must be the B&W, for sure. I am of an age to enjoy that format because of the challenge of contrast. Well done!


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