My wonderful proof-reader and her husband visited us today.  I defrosted a tub of who-knows-what-this-is soup from the freezer and we had a good lunch with Pepper falling asleep on the table (tell no one).

Afterwards, there was the usual request to meet Lambie. My visitors had brought us hoomans cake and, for the sheep, ginger biccies (which I refuse to buy as they have doubled in price).  Lambie and his friends were easily bought.

And then I showed off my shed and Lambie followed in as well.  Harrel was banned. He has no manners.

Lambie worked his charm, but as you can see, the ginger biccies were all finished.

Still, Lambie is not a gold-digger. he genuinely liked our visitors, ginger biscuits or not.

Mr Proof-Reader is trying to explain that the ginger biccies were finished.  There were doubts as to the truth of this statement.

Then carrots were brought out.

And father and son charmed everyone with their handsomeness.

And natural good-looks.

Sort of…..

A lovely day.  My proof-reader works tirelessly through my Great Great Aunt Kate’s Diaries pointing out my cruddy typing errors.  There are loads.  I just hope the Winning Smile of Lambie is enough payment for all her time and skill.

3 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Sam

    Lambie’s Winning Smile does not cinch the deal with the Proof Reader – nothing will! Mum’s the word on Pepper’s antics…

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a fun time with visitors and your lovely critters. Looked like everyone was on their almost best behavior! Great pics!


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