Proper Terriers

As a certain someone was brought home by a complete stranger the other day, we have now resorted to a hi-viz coat (not dissimilar to the one worn by Her Maj in her later years).  The theory is we can see Pepper so much better when she is leaving the premises!

Ted with his new haircut is still very handsome.

I wish I had done this sooner.

Everything revolting has gone and he is a vision.

Flossie kindly walks the dogs in the morning and I take them out after their tea for a good rabbit hunt along an old drystone wall with old burrows in it.

An interesting note – these two can share very nicely.  This is not something Her Maj ever managed and she would swear like a navvy if anyone ever asked her what she was hunting.  And so, of course, this would end badly as no dog ever liked being sworn at by BeAnne.

I love watching Ted being a proper terrier. It makes me all warm inside.  I wish Mum could see him.

Both dogs have the best time and love running up and down the old wall looking and digging too. Ted is a ferocious digger though, to date, nothing has ever been dug up!

And then the sheep arrive to see what all the fuss was about and we go home.


3 thoughts on “Proper Terriers

  1. Sam

    Hum, does Miss Pepper have a boyfriend off site? Or another meal she is begging for?
    Ted is quite the handsome man in his short do. Your mum knows how well you are taking care of him and how happy is he. Nice to see dogs doing what the breed was created for.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Ted is still looking great! And what a couple of good diggers! Some of your pics are pretty hilarious!

  3. Nancy

    Handsome pair! Did the same for my two terriers — the digging was the defining factor. They look great!


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