I am still trying to work out this camera, I am still not sure about it and I will probably go on whining like this for a while trying to decide whether to sell or keep it.

Anywho, off I went with said-camera and took a few snappity-snaps of the chaps.

Klængur looking, well, orange!

The frilly of the silly (Iacs).

A close-up. If you want this as a screen-saver, please email (you know who you are!)

Iacs even has a silly tash too.

Dearest darlingest Haakon.

Meanwhile, over the fence, Dreki was watching us all.

And then he went back to more important matters.

With a fence between them, everyone gets along spendidly and I am even managing to train Dreki and as well as taking Klængur out by himself. We have a routine and it works for the time being.

I am still undecided about this camera.  Meh!

6 thoughts on “Neighbours

  1. Miss Linda Kirk

    Re Iacs’ silly frilly, does he use rollers to get that effect? and does Haakon have plenty of thistles in his field?
    Great photos as always.

  2. Judi Neil

    Frances what is the make/model of the camera. Focus is amazing pin-sharp, it’s a keeper! I’ve finally resigned m’self to using the mirrorless instead of the dslr. Felt like wimping out for a long time, but have to admit a handbag camera is so much easier to lug around and lift than a camera bag camera. Just another part of the ageing process to work around gracefully (sort of).

      1. Judi Neil

        Oh nice! No wonder sharp shots then. I’d have to do some adjusting, I am so viewfinder to eye dependent, I’d need the slide-on viewer – or to work on overcoming yesterday habits. Watched all the DP Review clips, and yes, stuff to learn!


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