Firstly, apologies for the quality (or rather lack thereof) of the photos.  The light was hopeless today.  Very dark and gloomy.

Anywho, Floss and I went to Leradale for our daily Minion check.  As usual, the ponies were lurking hopefully by the fence.  They want to go into the better field but that’s not going to happen unless there is the mother of all storms.  I am planning to open the gates on January 1st.

This morning Floss was Carrot Monitor so I asked her to walk along the fence, waving her visible orange bag and the herd would follow her away from the fence and into the hill, where there is good grazing to be found.  So off they all went.

All accept poor little Newt who was doing his hopeful face and hoping I would pop him into the car, take him home and feed him chocolate cake.  So I told him to “vamoose” after his friends.

He vamoosed, if a little reluctantly.

Floss crossed the stream and kept going onwards and upwards.

When a good way away from the fence, she dished out the carrots.

It was all very fair and equitable.

With some more encouragement, having now seen where they were, the Minions cantered off, led by Fivla.

We left them to go and explore their 50 acre field where I know for a fact there is lovely untouched grass, especially by the loch.

I expect they will find it, one day.

1 thought on “Vamoose!

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well you certainly do go all out in helping this group find the good grass! And Daisy gets one heck of a hike besides. Gosh, I haven’t heard anybody use Vamoose for ages….I used to hear it on something I watched on TV when I was just a little tyke. Maybe it was an old cowboy show. I like it. Thanks for using it Frances!


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