Inside for a few hours

We felt sorry for the horses today so we let them inside for a rest from the weather. It has been raining on and off plus a vicious wind that brings the temperature right down.

First in were the Old Men. They got their TurmerAid/fibre feed and then we put up their hay nets.

They get one haynet each (plus a little bit on the floor for Haakon that I didn’t tell Daisy about). The three have to share, and yes it is pretty cramped but they don’t fight, are very used to it, not in there for long and would much rather be away from the youngsters and Taktur.

For this, they are prepared to put up with the lack of space. However, if everyone was in for the whole night, I would give them the whole indoor school to wander about in.

Anywho, back to today. Next up were Taktur, Kappi and the children. They rushed indside, and we left everyone munching happily.

A few hours later, we returned to find haynets almost finished and the usual mess. The Old Men were led out to their field. They know the routine very well. Now it was the others’ turn to have  their buckets.

We split them up first. Taktur gets a “proper” feed and eats on his own. He is easily distracted and bullied off his food (a chicken has been known to do this!). It is important for him to have his Handsome Prince supplements.

We attempted to distribute the buckets but as there was a certain three-headed Cerberus element, we dumped them on the floor, distributed and stood well back.

These guys, again, are used to sharing.

There is no bickering and it is nice to see their peaceful friendship, though Kappi is a bloody saint!  Maybe it’s an orange thing.

5 thoughts on “Inside for a few hours

    1. Frances Post author

      Very very rarely. They hate being indoors for longer than a couple of hours.

      We had a hurricane. Shit falling out of the sky. I opened the stable door. Everyone stood outside. I put bales of hay inside. They went in and ate them and then stood outside. My horses don’t want stables.

      1. Judith Garbutt

        Unlike my little Shetland who loves to come in!! He’s supposed to be living out but I took pity on him last night as yet more heavy rain was forecast and he seems to have been wet for weeks.

        1. Frances Post author

          I would agree with you there. The Minions have been known to all come in and sit down to play cards – possibly strip polka!

      2. Sherry Walter

        Mine don’t either, they have a good size 3 sided covered area and they will stand in there when it’s particularly vile out. In some 40 years I can count on one hand the times they’ve been stalled indoors, usually due to glare ice.


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