Up For Grabs!

Everyone, allow me to introduce you to……


Waffle Silver Storm Lambie – or SilWaffStormie or WaffSilStorbie or whoever YOU want him to be.  The original Minions.


Beautifully made by hand (yes, she spun the wool, knitted, created) and generously donated by my amazing talented friend, Karen, out of the original and highly treasured foal fur of Silver (main body), Storm (front hooves), Waffle (back hooves) and Lambie (mane, forelock and tail).


What more could you want?


Measuring in at 8″ x 5″, this wonderful little Shetland pony is Mark III from the original series who are currently living with me.


This gorgeous pony, so generously donated by Karen, is up for sale to raise funds for The Minions’ ongoing costs.


Like The Minions, there is no other pony quite like this one.  A perfect original.  Please note, THIS IS NOT A TOY as there is a wire frame inside.


So, to bid, just leave a comment with your top price and the highest bidder will get him – definitely a him.  The comments will not be made public.  This is the “sealed bid” method and the closing date is in one week’s time – Friday, 5th August.

My photos do not begin to do this little chap justice.  He is a sweetheart.

PS.  He says he loves travel, so happy to send him anywhere in the world!

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