Sheeps and Faces

Just in case you are missing Lambie and ‘Ster, then here they are.


Happy boys who go into the scattald during the day and, mostly, come home at night.


Well, Lambie always does.  Last night ‘Ster stayed out but was waiting by the gate this morning for his breakfast.  That is their routine and it seems to work.  Lambie comes home early if it is raining.  He is not a huge fan of rain – wool always shrinks in the wash.

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Hjalti is now Efstur’s best friend, despite their mothers trying to stop any fun.


When they see Hetja and Brá with their heads in the grass, Efstur and Hjalti sneak away together to play.  It is lovely to see and, of course, when I wanted to photograph it, they refused to cooperate.


Hjalti plays nicely – remembering he was trained by The Minions.


Efstur also worships the very ground Hjalti walks on, that always helps.


Like every horse at Thordale, Efstur is learning and practising his silly faces for the camera!


It seems to be theme with all my animals.


I rest my case Milord!


3 thoughts on “Sheeps and Faces

  1. Sam

    It is not so much that your animals make silly faces as they are endearing, lovable critters who dote on you
    Giver of All Things Yummy. Plus you are fast with the camera.


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