Up and Down that Road

I have spent my day driving up and down the road to see the Minions.  It is 15 minutes each way. I’ve counted!

First was to introduce some visitors.  The ponies were on their best behaviour and enjoying the selfies so all was good.

And then second was for a visit from the farrier, which went suprisingly smoothly.  Even Newt was nice and almost co-operative and he can be a four man job when the notion takes him.  Today, luckily the notion did not and the farrier even commented that Newt was slightly better behaved.  So that’s a huge relief – all Shetland pony feet are now trimmed.

On my travels, now running out of petrol, I stopped to see a lovely lapwing chick.  They are very well camouflaged.  I have never seen one before.  In Shetland dialect, a lapwing is known as “Tieve’s Nacket” – I didn’t know this and have actually never heard anyone using it but I found a couple of sources online so I am being educated today as well.

One guard-parent was close by too.

No news on the foal front.  Hetja is showing far more now and changing shape. She rests a lot.  I am getting a little bored of the wait and I think she is too.

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