Silly Billy Shetland Ponies

My favourite flowers are out.

The lovely orchids.  They grow everywhere in Shetland this time of year.

My very short film – no sound. I might try and do a longer one.  Might, mind.

The Minions are on top form.

Today’s fun was lying in a good muddy gateway patch and rolling.

Albie thought this was a great idea and decided to try and sit on Waffle!

Silly boys.

Enjoy the film – again no sound.  (I have no idea what button I have pressed but I can’t get any sense out of WordPress (blog hoster) today so apologies for the horrible set up. I am giving up – off to cook supper, wine and chips!)

Note everyone was having a rolling day!  Maybe it was the last of the winter coats coming out and they were feeling itchy.

3 thoughts on “Silly Billy Shetland Ponies

  1. Linda Loba

    Good grief, such terrific photos – and that first one is such a personification (does that make sense?) of Spring!

    And your photos/film of the ponies rolling is just hilarious – I though it was funny when our dog does it, but she’s got nothing on seeing them do it…

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Hey – that’s not everybody – where are you and family,rolliking around getting all the old fur off????

    Seriously, those are adorable pics and videos. Made my day andwasgetting tired of watching the golf (there just too many rude people yelling as the players tee-off. Even players, there wives and caddies, are complaining, The PGA that rules all this is trying to get more people interested in game, but most of these people who are loud and obnoxious and just “cowboys” who’ve had too much to drink and don’t really know gold. How they think this will encourage youngsters to play is beyond any of us!

    Horses of any type are much more fun!


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