These days I am about as popular as a 💩 in a swimming pool, as the saying goes.

Now the storm has moved on, I moved everyone back to their old fields.

To be fair, everyone cooperated beautifully and then proceeded to stand there and sulk at me.  I was very sulked at. There was no escape.

I even moved the little ones as I could see them getting visibly fatter and fatter while I watched.  So, shutting all escape routes first, and leading Waffle and Vitamin, the others meakly followed thinking there were going somewhere exciting – they are not very bright.

You almost see the lightbulb ping when they realised where they were again.  The sigh of disappointment.

And they all stood there asking me why I had done this.  I explained my visible fat theory while incorporating the phrase “it is for your own good”. I don’t think anyone believed me.

So I have the spent the rest of the day hiding in my shed, trying to avoid any accusatory glares.

Wherever I go, the eyes, the eyes, they follow me.

Everywhere.  24 hours on and I am still being sulked at.

5 thoughts on “Unpopular

  1. Sam

    Sometimes it can feel like every one/thing around you disapproves. But Muzzah knows best! So tell all the sulking ones “suck it up, buttercup!”

  2. judy shank

    My husband, knowing that I love animals, great photography, and interesting people & places, first found your blog. I want to thank you again for what you post. I’m having some health mysteries right now; thus, I can get lost in your blog & imagining life in the Shetlands, so very different than mine & be transported across an ocean into a world that is so fascinating. Thank you. Your sharing is getting me through this intense period.


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