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We were out early as OH and I were spending the day in town.  All the animals were fed, the dogs walked and sheep in their field.

Town was surprisingly busy and very, very cold. There was a bitter north-east wind that seemed to turn according to whatever direction we were walking in. It was always blowing in our face.  Minus 3 apparently.  It felt colder but I was wearing clean clothes so perhaps my usual dirt wasn’t there to keep me warm.

A nice lunch with friends in an “interesting” restaurant but the company was excellent which is all that really matters.  An exchange of early Christmas presents and OH and I drove home before it got dark.

This is the view from where I stopped the car to get more petrol.  Not bad, eh?

While OH unpacked the car, I looked after the ducks – and certainly not the sheep who need nothing but came along optimistically.

There was even flying, which is no mean feat if you are large Muscovy duck built like a Lancaster Bomber.

While I fed the ducky-wuckes, Pepper entertained the sheep.  ‘Ster was particuarly receptive.

And Pepper has a thing about sheep lugs – which presumably tickle for the owner while she investigates.

There was no butting, just Lambie looking slightly gormless on the side-lines!

3 thoughts on “Just Stuff

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Read your blog everyday, but today was real interesting to me. A program was on television this morning about the British effort during WWII. While I was spinning my Shetland wool from my Shetland sheep, they discussed the Lancaster bomber and its influence on the war. Then this afternoon I read your description of a flying duck described as resembling a Lancaster bomber. It gave me a chuckle since I actually knew what you were describing all the way over in the US in Wisconsin. Thanks a million for your blog.


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