Unpopular with Ponies

I am not popular with the ponies.  I wormed them.  Newt spat his out so I wormed him again and Waffle wore his, so I wormed him again too. Now they are all wormed.

That’s Waffle’s distinctly unimpressed cross-at-me face.

After the great worming debacle, I decided the Minions could not stay on the grassy bit all the time.  This would just take away all the good that we’ve achieved over the last few months.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the lips is what I tell myself. It applies to me as well.

So I called the herd up and with much difficulty and unhelpfulness (ie point blank refusal), I got them all back onto the starvation track part.  More unpopularity and “you cannot be serious, mother” from them all but it has to be.  I must stay strong.

So a new regime today.  The Minions were in their paddock over night as per usual, then onto the track for the most of the morning and afternoon.  Again, an unpopular decision but at least I could get them away from the long grass.  Then later in the afternoon they were allowed on the grassy bit for a few hours before bed-time.

It works out about :-

12 hours = paddock
8 hours = track
4 hours = grass

Hopefully this will work and they will all be a bit more cooperative.  Waffle and Newt were the worst to catch and evict from the grass. I ended up having to find a headcollar to lead them out. Imagine that!


3 thoughts on “Unpopular with Ponies

  1. Joan

    They hate wormer even if it’s apple flavored. I had a tall horse who flung her head up, so a lot of it was on me when we were done. You would think ‘they’ could invent a wormer in horse cookies.

  2. Sam

    I feel your pain with pilling unwilling ponies. Try an elderly cat who spat out the antibioitics in the yogurt…


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