Pepper’s Morning

This morning I had to take the buckets to the horses.  They couldn’t be bothered to wait at the gate close by.

So, off I trudged along with my trusty companion, Pepper.

The sheep, already fed, were ignoring us and trying to slip past the horses to go into the hill without being noticed.

They are not huge horse fans. They think they are far too large and unpredictable, especially when Iacs has one of his rare cantering moments.

Pepper did her usual hoovering.  Dropped food is her’s.

She obviously got something. She’s licking her lips.

One turmeric tache.

Two turmeric tache

And three, but less mess.  Thank you Haakon. Ever the gentleman.

Horses and ponies “done” and I’m off to let out the duckies. Pepper is absolutely determined to make friends with them all.

She is intrigued and so are they. Neither back down.  There is definitely a conversation, of sorts.

The duckies get bored and go on their way in search of water to sit in.  It is fascinating watching the animal dynamics, mostly from Pepper. She loves being a croft dog and takes her job very seriously.

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