Tying up Ends

Floss went back to school today.  I will miss her company and now we can’t sing the theme song to Monkey together forgetting the words.  We managed to watch 15 consecutive episodes in the space of 8 days.  Rockin’ !

After writing this, I am going to pack so I am ready first thing tomorrow. I am not sure whether to pack enough for one night or more.  In theory, I am only staying the one night and probably won’t even see a doctor, but I just don’t know and would hate to be in a position where they said I had to stay but only had one nightie and pair of knickers.  The control freak that is me, says pack more, just in case, so I will.

I have left out Taktur’s bridle and saddle ready for his new training regime.  He is all ready to go onwards and hopefully not upwards.


I have instructed OH to feed little hairy nozzles a carrot every day.


I think you will agree that Hammy’s nose has healed beautifully and sometimes doing nothing is the only answer.  You would never know that he did such ghastly damage to himself.  Idiot pony.  The jury is still out.


Jo is in charge of keeping the bale topped up and I am sure there will  be reminders from the Committee if standards drop.



Leaning over the gate this afternoon, while Taktur ate his grub, each and every one of the lads came up on their own for a chat with me.  It was perfect and I feel I have got to know their little ways this winter and like them very much too as chaps.




A certain person is sulking….


…. and I wonder if anyone would notice if I popped an extra “cuddly toy” into my travel bag?


Anyway, I know Haakon will be waiting for me. He always is.


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  1. Kim

    Sorry you have to move your site, but this is nice. Sending good thoughts your way as you travel and have your medical adventure. Let’s hope they find a good answer for you.


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