Today I was legless

Every day, in every way, I lose something I could do.

Today, I lost my legs.  They stopped co-operating.

Yesterday, I lost the ability to put my socks on.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. (BeAnne and me this morning)


But the plan is that on Monday at some unknown time an ambulance will arrive and take me on a stretcher to the airport (Tingwall – 30 minutes drive or Sumburgh (1hr 1/4 drive) where I will be air-amubulanced to Aberdeen and taken, again, in an ambulance on a stretcher to Woodend Hospital, where I will be admitted, stay one night, have an MRI scan and be transported back to Shetland and home again on Tuesday.  I won’t see a doctor but hopefully my surgeon will see my MRI scan and then be able to offer me some kind of future.

Yes, it will cost a huge amount of money and yes, it could’ve all been saved if the Powers That Be had agreed to my request of an MRI scan in November when I could walk and could’ve taken myself to Aberdeen for it.  I knew and I have been saying to anyone who will listen, “something is not right” for the last six months.  But that is the NHS for you.

So I am sorry to “waste” all that money, but I can’t walk now, I can’t sit and I the only thing I can do is lie a little on my back but mostly on my right side and take 4 different types of painkillers to achieve this.


Today, to lift my downward spiralling spirits, Joy came over with a shopping bag full of pink champagne, Gu puddings, Kettle crisps (the plain ones, my favourite), some bacon (for homemade bagels that OH made earlier) and various other essentials for my hospital stay.

Although life is fairly shitty at the moment, lying on my bed with her two beautiful cockerpoo dogs (Otto and Cocoa) plus a sulky BeAnne, I cheered up immensely and we had a great afternoon. Thank you Joy.

So bring on Monday and Tuesday.  I need strength for this.

And does anyone know anything about this…….?  Come on, fess us, be brave!  I won’t bite!


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  1. exsmokingbiker

    Hugs and cuddles from the Dunklies in Leicester and dont blame me for the good mug was not me hope the experdition to Aberdeen goes reasonable.<3


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