Turned a Corner

I think we have turned a corner with Loki.  Today, for the first time, I took him and BeAnne off the lead on a long dog walk on the road and into a huge field (with the late farmer’s permission).  It was my two mile physio walk.  We have never achieved this as Loki has had to always be on a lead.  This time I decided to test him and he behaved impeccably, even to the point of being called off a rabbit that BeAnne had put up.  I am very proud of him.  He has come a long way.  Next, I shall take him riding, but not quite yet.

L1060007 L1060012

We are still working on Loki’s cat skills and it is a very slow process but Wuss will now walk passed and even contemplate being in the same room as him.  This is a very big deal for both of them.  They are working on their relationship.  Wu left his mark once when his paw was forced.  Needs must.  Loki learned.


Wuss wasn’t too impressed with the Christmas ha.!  I came out surprisingly unscathed but didn’t continue this foolhardy scheme!

L1060066 L1060065

Jack is, well, Jack.  Demented, blind, deaf but still going very strong.  He spends most of his time asleep.  He has good days and bad.  I have almost forgotten what an energetic little dog he once was.


Last week I asked Jo to make BeAnne a little red leather collar for her Christmas present.  I have been meaning to buy one for ages. She (BeAnne, not Jo) looks delicious in it and it is very pretty on her.  Red is definitely her colour.


L1060078 L1060075

So, as you can see, I have found some Christmas things and made the dogs wear the hat.  I couldn’t convince either my OH or Flossie, my daughter, to wear it so resorted to the animals instead.


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