Borrowed Shetland Ponies

I have spent the day in Lerwick again – this time physio and sports massage (yer, like I do sport!)  This is rehab for my ankle and spine, which I am still concentrating on at the moment.  I am not out of the woods by any means but it does help and make a difference.  I am struggling to stay off the painkillers, though and every day is a battle.  Night time is worse.

I briefly glimpsed my horses as I got into the car.   They seem to be surviving.  A thick winter coat is essential in Shetland this time of year.  I am glad none of them are clipped.

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The weather was looming again this morning and looking ominous.  We have more gales and two weather warnings for this week.  Nice.


I drove past my neighbour’s Shetland ponies so decided to stop and take some photos for the blog.


As you can tell, I am feeling bad that there is very little Shetland pony input and they were looking particularly majestic on the skyline.  I miss having the littlies about at Thordale but after Taktur’s and Indy’s disastrous re-introduction this autumn, it has to be a no-Shetland-Pony Zone with me.  Even if we had kept Indy in another field, I know that both stallions would’ve spent their winter gazing in loathing at each other plotting and scheming, which is not healthy either.

So here are my neighbour’s Shetland ponies who are close enough to photograph but far away enough not to wind up Taktur.  The best of both worlds really.  They are very beautiful too.

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