Trying On

Today our Shetland ladies, Fivla and Vitamin, tried their Fair Isle sweaters on.  It’s been a while but it had to be done as they are on show at the end of the week for Fair Isle Friday at the Shetland Museum.  They had originally worn them six years ago in 2013 for the Visit Scotland advertising campaign..

We cleaned off any obvious dirt (I had stood them in the stream first to wash the mud off their legs).

First we tried on Fivla’s red Fair Isle sweater.  It had been knitted for her.  Other’s might have worn it but it was her very own sweater.

Then it was Vitamin’s turn. Her’s was the brown Fair Isle sweater.  Vitamin remembered the procedure and had her usual little “talk”.  I love her for this.  She has always done it.

It was pretty clear that the sweaters were much smaller than they once were.  I think they have been washed a few times and shrunk quite considerably since we last saw them.

The Minions watched in their field. Their eyes were on stalks.  Albie was green with jealousy.  He could just see himself in his very own sweater.

We undressed the girls and put them back into the field, happy in the knowledge that the sweaters would be fine for Fivla and Vitamin’s return to the limelight.

Next everyone needed a good brush and tails were trimmed too in case we have any Wool Week visitors.

Now the sweaters are currently hanging up drying in my kitchen.  We seem to have gone back in time.

11 thoughts on “Trying On

  1. Charon True

    Just sent this to my son (47) who was Red a picture of a Shetland pony in a Fair Usle sweater – I of course told him that was nonsense – how wrong can one woman be!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    And for us, it was the beginning a far-away friendship! Their pics in one of the Scottish magazines got me to you and all of yours!

  3. Carol

    Oh it looks dreich! (Spelling??) How lovely that Fivla has trimmed down enough to fit in hers. I’m just gnashing my teeth that I can’t be there.

    Maybe your SO can create some very special jumper-stretching boards to resize the sweaters?

    I hope Friday is wonderful.

  4. Julia

    My clothes have ‘shrunk’ in the wash over the last four years too girls! coming to see you on Tuesday and all dressed-up on Friday.


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