Total Whinge

The last of the chest freezer contents today.

Sorry foxes, but that is probably it for the time being though if it is frosty, I might empty the contents of a case of tinned dog food out of pity.  They will miss me once I am north again. Still, they have a good fat layer for winter.

(PS – One discovery from the freezer was two boxes of bloodworms.. I thought they were a cooking ingredient.  Luckly googled, apparently for goldfish – so that was from many many years ago!)

Meanwhile, I have earache and am feeling sorry for myself so not much to say. We go on, existing…. all of us.



6 thoughts on “Total Whinge

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I ,too, would whinge if I had earache! Hope it’s a temporary problem. Those foxes look very well – fat and sleek. They certainly will miss you!

  2. jacqueline slavich

    Frances, you are such an incredible person, here you are, up to your eyeballs with concern for your mother and you are thinking about how the foxes will manage once the freezer is empty. I know they look cute and have given you a lot of pleasure but they are survivors. We don’t have foxes in New Zealand but I can see how their presence has been comforting. Sending words of compassion to you seem empty so I hope you can feel the virtual hugs coming your way. Your mother will be proud to have raised such a caring and thoughtful daughter, just as you are of yours. What goes around comes around. Lots of love.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Don’t know what they’re eating, but they sure look to be enjoying it. They are going to miss your goodies. I’m sorry to hear about your earache. Hope that goes away very soon and doesn’t develop into a full-blown cold!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Totally agree with the top two comments. You are carrying on and it definitely is an inspiration for us all to do the same when faced with difficult times. Thanks Frances for sharing your thoughts and your world. It really does help when times seem incredibly grey and sad.


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