Freezer nearly empty

The big chest freezer, or The Land That Time Forgot as I affectionately know it, is nearly empty now.  The family of foxes, however, are fatty-fat-fat and well set up for winter. They have enjoyed my daily appearance with the defrosted food and I often see one or two waiting for me, even tapping their metaphorical watches when I am late!

I see this is as recycling and when I am gone, the foxes will have nothing.

Thank you for all your kind messages of support and love yesterday and actually all the other days. I hugely appreciate it and they are helping me through these difficult days.

2 thoughts on “Freezer nearly empty

  1. Sam

    In spite of your troubles, you are giving back by emptying the Black Hole of Frozen Goodies for the Fox Family at a time when they need all the calories they can get. Bonus points for this! More hugs from me and purrs (deep throaty kind) from Little Miss Maine Coon.

  2. diane in northern wis

    It does look like that fox family is chubbying up! So cute to see them run off with the food. My prayers continue for your Mum and you and your sister during these very difficult days.


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