Total Mistake

Today, I was all set to write the blog about yesterday’s visitors who came especially to see The Shetland Ponies in Sweaters (the ponies were nekkid as I don’t keep the sweaters).

I took lots of photos and then promptly reformatted the memory disk before I could remember to download them.

So now I am trying to recover the pictures using my trusty software while hoping for the best as it is always nice to meet new people and introduce them to everyone.

Maybe tomorrow, I will write about them.

Anywho, today has been a day of weather (BeAnne hates it and goes into one of her declines).

There was a gale and a huge amount of rain so, apart from checking everyone, I have been indoors putting my life on Ebay so that I can pay an eye-watering silage bill and Albie’s gelding operation.

Anyone fancy a first edition of James Agate’s Fantasies and Impromptus – my father collected his books as he thought he was a relative.  My maiden name is Agate.

Or perhaps a first edition of Evelyn Waugh’s Love Among the Ruins, which I am almost loathe to sell and rather fancy reading.

Or how about a Soup Dragon from the Clangers – brand new with tags (kindly donated).

Or a very large book about China?  Floss says it is very interesting.

An authentic Egyptian clay figurine complete with two sheep?

How about an Arora Wolf trinket box complete with matching necklace.  Rare and discontinued.

I apologise for the lack of photos from yesterday. I reckon it will be around midnight by the time my software may or may not have found them.

Anyway, you can always go shopping – My Ebay Stuff!

1 thought on “Total Mistake

  1. Linda

    Our dog is the same in “bad” weather (too hot or raining). She’s absolutely morose. Gets up goes outside to reassure herself that the weather is still crummy , then comes back in and continues her “moroseness”…


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