Haakon and Me

Few, if any, folk ever see me ride.  It is not a pretty sight.  There are no excuses really – my feet are odd and I look like a lump but, hey ho, that’s me and, these days, that’s how I ride.

I have been described as “sack of tatties’ but I trained Haakon from the day a saddle was put on his back and we have been together for over 20 years now.

After my debacle, Daisy, who could see I was struggling, offered to have a go.   Haakon was being very pacey (or piggy pacey as we call it).

I always value Daisy’s opinion.

She knows Haakon well.

And she got him going very nicely.

I enjoy seeing Haakon being ridden by Daisy.

She has the measure of my boy.

They go very nicely together.

Meanwhile, I continue to struggle.

It is my own fault.  I have far too many bad habits.  They go way back.

What I really need is to learn to ride again.  From the beginning.  As if I know nothing.

And that ain’t gonna happen, though I do feel that, after Haakon, there will be no more riding.

The MInions will be enough – just hugging is good.  Haakon hates hugging.



6 thoughts on “Haakon and Me

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And that’s what I said after my beloved Maggie died; but there were 2 other horses before I got to Smokey Robinson (not much bigger than one of yours at 14.1 hands). You should keep an open mind, somewhere there might be another ride or two…………

  2. Terri

    What exactly is wrong? You look fine to me! The main points of riding are (1) to stay on the horse and (2) to enjoy the ride. Right?

  3. Darby

    I was thinking the same thing, your riding is fine. as long as you enjoy it just keep doing it. if it no longer gives you pleasure that is another thing, but if you love it why stop. there will be plenty of time for hugging as well.

  4. diane in northern wisconsin

    Good to see you riding Frances. I think you look just fine. Perhaps you’re just a bit too critical of yourself? At any rate, I hope that you will ride as long as you can, since you seem to enjoy it, especially on this horse. Thank you for the video and the pics of Daisy riding too. Love your blog.


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