Took a Few Photos

Just checking, cataloguing and backing up the photos from the weekend.


There are a few.


10,091 on the last count which is about average for a weekend horse event.


The best photo was taken today by Flossie.


Darling Lambie was pleased to have his Muzzah home.  ‘Ster had shot into the hill to see his friends leaving Lambie by himself.  (OH hadn’t let the boys out into the hill all weekend in case they didn’t come home – I had threatened death if Lambie went feral).


Yes, yes, yes, we saw llamas.  I have never seen one up close.  I am in ❤ (must not get one, must not get one.  Llamas would hate Shetland and Lambie would be hurt and sulk forever).  But they are very pretty!


This is me taking the photos.  I had an umbrella stuck down my shirt to stop sunburn and I appear to have acquired two Rosebay Willowherbs for legs!


So, this is the beginning of the great photo trawl – to weed out the best and to put it all up on a Facebook page for the participants as fast as I can.


We need these photos to remember what a brilliant weekend we all had.


Best fun ever.



4 thoughts on “Took a Few Photos

  1. Sam

    My hat is off to OH who kept Lambie & Ster close by. Love the picture of your Lamb Rug and the happiness of the rider in #9.


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